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What we Fight For

At Our Future WV, we champion a series of causes aimed at uplifting every individual in our community. Here are the pillars that drive our initiatives and programs.


Justice is the backbone of our endeavors. We advocate for policies that ensure fairness, equality, and inclusiveness, ensuring that every West Virginian has a level playing field.

Justitia Goddess

Civic Engagement

We believe in the power of collective voices. Our efforts are directed towards promoting civic participation, ensuring that every voice is heard and plays a role in shaping the future of West Virginia.


Health is wealth, and at Our Future WV, we champion accessible and affordable healthcare for all, ensuring that every individual gets the care they deserve.

Doctor_s Appointment


Education is the foundation of a thriving future. We work tirelessly to enhance educational opportunities, resources, and support for every child in West Virginia.

Apartment Buildings


A safe shelter is a fundamental right. We advocate for affordable housing solutions, ensuring every family in West Virginia has a place to call home.

Aerial View of Houses
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