Building Local Power in West Virginia

Our vision is a thriving West Virginia where everyone is guaranteed justice, dignity, equity and a voice in determining their future.

We strive to change the balance of power in West Virginia through civic engagement, grassroots-led policy change, developing local leadership, and bringing diverse voices together. 

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Families Leading Change WV and WV Can't Wait have partnered to offer free training sessions to those interested in running for local school board.

Topics will cover: What a school board does, hierarchy of the WV public education system and who is responsible, and a meet and greet/Q & A with school board members past and present.

To register, fill out the form located in our Facebook event! All training sessions are free of charge.

Please email Families Leading Change Director, Jenny Anderson ( if you have any questions.

Who We Are

“... our members, community leaders, staff & board - is an amazing collective of single moms, grandparents, former laborers, safety net recipients, strategic thinkers, teachers, students, and organizers, in all shapes and forms. It is an honor to work alongside these powerful individuals...”

- Karen Williams

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What We Do

Our focus is on local and statewide issues that West Virginians face - things like child poverty, food access, hair discrimination, Local School Improvement Councils, voting rights and more. We embrace inclusivity, bottom-up organizing, letting people speak for themselves...

Get Involved

There is power in numbers and we need you . Local leadership is the backbone of what we do... Our members decide what issues we work on - so join us today!  Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed, take action, come to an event, or

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.”

- Alice Walker