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Youth & Racial Justice

fighting for a just future for all

Racial justice ties into all of our work as we build equity and leadership in all West Virginian communities. Yet we must be deliberate in our efforts to support black communities in WV.


OFWV supports the leadership of young black West Virginians through our Young WV program and fights alongside black parents in WV for educational justice and equity.

In Response to Recent Acts of Injustice

Fighting Injustice

OFWV integrates the fight for racial equity and justice in everything we do. Yet there comes a time when the issue must be attacked at its core.

OFWV is currently working with WV youth, through Young WV, local leaders and members of the black community to create targeted calls to action for the WV community as a whole and asks of our elected officials.

Check out some of our favorite resources below.

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Young West Virginia

A Power Building Movement

OFWV believes in the power of black youth and youth of color in West Virginia. That's why Young WV, an OFWV program, is working on college and high school campuses across the state to empower Black Student Groups and organize these students around racial justice issues such as juvenile justice and voter engagement. Young WV is also teaching students about the importance of their participation in the 2020 Census.


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Young WV

Fighting for the Dignity & Justice of All

Equal Education 2

Equal Treatment

Empowering Community Members

Though only 3.4% of West Virginia's population, the black community makes up 15-25% of numerous West Virginian cities' populations. Yet this community still faces an excessive amount of unjust treatment and discrimination. 

OFWV understands the power of the black community when we work together. That's why we work with community members to allow their leadership to shine and support them in the ongoing fight for equality and justice.

An example of this is our support of the CROWN Act in West Virginia, led by community leader Tarsha Bolt (video below).

Have you or someone you know faced discrimination through education, housing, child care or voting?

Do you want to reduce racial inequities in your community?

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Equal Education

Discrimination in Our Schools

Black students face an inordinate amount of discrimination and often unjust discipline from pre-K to high school. OFWV is working alongside black parents and leaders to limit these practices and provide some justice for our black children.

To get involved fighting against discrimination in our schools, sign on with OFWV!

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