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Education Justice

uplifting student and parent leaders

Every child deserves a strong and fair education. OFWV and the Families Leading Change program works with parents and community leaders to increase participation in the public school system. We support movements and projects that promote a fair and equal education for all students.

Improving Public Education for All


Local School Improvement Councils

LSICs are governance entities that every West Virginia school must have. They make decisions on everything from discipline to implementing an alternative learning program and work directly with the local school boards on these issues. Although the meetings are open to the public, many LSICs don’t hold these meetings unless the communities hold them accountable. So we are! OFWV has worked directly with parents to teach about the power of LSICs and give parents a voice in their child’s education.


Would you like to improve your child’s school?

Do you know about your LSIC?

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Education Policy

How to Get Involved

OFWV works directly with our organizational partners to advocate for smart, progressive state-level education policy every legislative session. Check out this video from January 2020's session to see  how West Virginians like you can directly affect education policy. 

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Public Education

WV ED Talks

LEArning from the Community

WV Ed Talks: LEArning from the Community is a new platform for members of the WV public school community to share information, feedback, input and solutions that will help make our schools equal learning opportunities.

Check out our Facebook Live schedule or our Facebook feed to see one of our talks!

Fighting for the Dignity and Justice of All

Equal Education

Equal Education

Discrimination in Our Schools

Black students face an inordinate amount of discrimination and often unjust discipline from pre-K to high school. OFWV is working alongside black parents and leaders to limit these practices and provide some justice for our black children.

To get involved fighting against discrimination in our schools, sign on with OFWV!

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