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Economic Justice

building equality and equity

To build the equity of all West Virginians, OFWV works alongside communities to fight for the economic justice WV families want. This includes improved housing laws and tenants rights, child care accessibility and support, and reducing child and young adult hunger.

Eviction Resources

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Eviction Help

We are already hearing from counties about to be flooded by eviction filings, and if the numbers so far holds true thousands of West Virginians could be left homeless in the coming weeks.


If you are under threat of eviction, please take advantage of the resources below.

If you'd like to join the fight against this, you can reach the OFWV team using this form:

Thanks for submitting!

WV Legal Aid

Legal Aid provides self-help legal guides and information as well as lawyers for those who qualify.

Coalition to End Homelessness

Rental assistance, homelessness prevention, shelter reference.

WV 211

One stop shop for reference to locally available help and resources.

Family Resource Networks

County agencies which provide assistance and food for families.

Housing Justice

Housing Justice & Tenants' Rights

Tenants' Rights

How We're Fighting for You

OFWV understands that tenants’ rights are one of the most important aspects of housing justice. We are working to increase tenants' awareness of their rights in partnership with a network of organizations and citizen leaders.

This knowledge is crucial during the COVID-19 crisis, when tenants' are being threatened with eviction during a state of emergency. WV's Attorney General has stated that landlords cannot evict or shut off tenants' utilities without going to court. All courts are closed until May 18th.

Did you know?

The CARES Act established an eviction moratorium on all federally-funded buildings. Find out if your building qualifies and know your rights!

Are you a tenant facing unjust treatment or eviction?

Housing Laws

Why We Care about Nuisance Ordinances

A nuisance ordinance is a city regulation that attempts to pressure landlords to survey, evict, or refuse to renew the leases of tenants who have been deemed problematic by the city.

These ordinances often unfairly affect crime victims, minority communities, homeless communities, the disabled and other protected classes. OFWV works with community members to fight nuisance laws that target our most vulnerable neighbors.

See our toolkit below to learn more.

Have you noticed a nuisance ordinance pop up in your town?

Contact Charkera Ervin (


The Next WV Crisis

West Virginia families have been hit hard by the current COVID-19 pandemic, and it could get worse quickly. Our courts have been shut down and evictions suspended since mid-March, but are set to open again on Monday, May 18th.

Without Rent Relief that leaves WV families and landlords whole by covering rent for those who cannot afford it, we are facing the possibility of an unprecedented wave of evictions and homelessness across the state.

Have you noticed a nuisance ordinance pop up in your town?

Contact Charkera Ervin (

Are you interested in pushing for Rent Relief in West Virginia?

To get involved fighting for tenants' rights and fair housing laws, sign on with OFWV!

Child Care & Hunger

Child Care & Hunger

Child Care

A Necessity, Not an Option

Affordable and accessible childcare is a major obstacle for families across West Virginia. That is why OFWV has taken up this issue to fight for a living wage for childcare workers and increased childcare reimbursements from the DHHR.


Are you struggling with limited child care opportunities in your community?

Contact us at

Fighting Hunger

No One Should Go Hungry

OFWV is committed to advocating for and uplifting the voices of West Virginians struggling to get food on their plates. Our work involves helping community members with SNAP benefits, advocating for summer feeding programs, supporting hungry college students and more. We believe that in order to fight this issue on a statewide level, stories must be told.


Are you or someone you know facing hunger?

Let us find a way to help.

Contact us at 

To get involved fighting for accessible child care and reducing hunger in WV, sign on with OFWV!

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