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“The Our Future WV team - our members, community leaders, staff & board - is an amazing collective of single moms, grandparents, former laborers, safety net recipients, strategic thinkers, teachers, students, and organizers, in all shapes and forms. It is an honor to work alongside these powerful individuals and West Virginians, as we help build from the ground up - a West Virginia where we can all live and thrive.”

- Karen Williams, OFWV Board President (2020 - 2021)

Community Voices

Tarsha Bolt

Mother of three, Tarsha Bolt, speaks about hair discrimination with OFWV organizer Charkera Ervin.  Tarsha is a community leader working to pass a local hair discrimination ordinance in her town and the CROWN Act in the WV Legislature. 

Sumer Cave

Sumer Cave speaks at a meeting with Sen. Joe Manchin about her mother's struggle with cancer. Stories like Summer's moved the Senator and helped secure his support to save the Affordable Care Act.

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