Become a Member!

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Our members are the backbone of OFWV. They are the community folks who bring issues to the table. They form the steering committee and teams that decide our strategy. They are the local leaders who are building power in communities across the state. Join them in building a West Virginia that is the best place in the world to live, work, and raise a family - no matter who you are!

Benefits of Being a Member
  • Support our work in communities like yours

  • Connect to like-minded folks across the state

  • Decide the issues we work on

  • Get a discount on events and workshops

  • Receive regular updates, important breaking news, inspirational stories & more

  • Join a team that works on the issue you care about 

  • Apply for OFWV stipend fellowship and internship programs

Two Ways to Join

Sustaining Membership

Sustaining Members provide steady income to support OFWV's work throughout the year. Plus, you know your membership is always current. You can become a sustaining member with a recurring gift of any size.

Annual Membership

Suggested membership dues are $5-$50/yr, based on ability to pay. A gift of $30 or more will cover the costs of membership, but any amount will give you full membership for one year.